Welcome to the adoption community!

Congratulations on becoming a parent. This is an exciting time as you start or extend your family.

The First 1000 Days project is here for you from day one, to offer a helping hand and a listening ear from a thriving community of fellow adopters across Wales.

• Advice and support via phone or email

• Free training courses on topics such as Life Journey Work, Education, and Contact

• Family days for adoptive families

• Local community groups, including ‘early days’ groups

• One-to-one support during tricky times

• A wealth of information and resources

At Adoption UK, we know how amazing family life can be. We also know that sometimes we all need a bit of support from other adopters who understand. Come and join the community.

Welcome to the First 1000 Days.

To join in, please visit www.adoptionuk.org/first-1000-days