Mid and West Wales Adoption Service

Welcome to Adoption Mid and West Wales

The Regional Adoption Service for Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys Local Authorities.

We bring experience and knowledge to benefit those in adoption or thinking about adoption.

Congratulations to Lisa and Angharad who have completed some DDP training – which will help those families that we work with.
To find out more about DDP visit: https://t.co/oBV0WpcBkL
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Llongyfarchiadau i Lisa ac Angharad sydd wedi cwblhau hyfforddiant DDP – a fydd yn helpu'r teuluoedd hynny rydym yn gweithio gyda nhw.
Beth yw DDP? Ewch i: https://t.co/UC9oSugGrn
#mabwysiadu #teulu #taithfabwysiadu #asiantaethfabwysiadu #teulumabwysiadol #cefnogimabwysiadu

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Are you interested in adoption?

It doesn’t matter whether you already have children, whether you’re single or a couple, whether you’re married, unmarried or in a civil partnership. We’d love to hear from you!

Support for
adoptive parents

You’ll have the support and advice of a named Adoption Social Worker from the start of the process of assessment through to placement and beyond.

Support if you were

Many adopted people have questions about their history and want help to understand or to trace their birth family. We can help you!

We want to make sure that children grow up as part of a permanent, loving family from childhood through to adulthood.

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Have you adopted in the last year or so?
Would you like to share your experience of this?

HM Courts & Tribunals ServiceHave you applied for an adoption order in the last year?  Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service would like to hear from you.

HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) would like to speak to couples and single people who have applied for an adoption order in the last 12 months. What was your experience of the process? What support did you receive? Your views could help improve the service provided to adoptive parents in the future.

Any information shared will be treated as confidential. Participants will receive a shopping voucher (to the value of £30) in return for their time.  The interview will last about 1 hour, and will be conducted by an HMCTS researcher. If you’d like to take part or find out more, please get in touch with Sinead Moodie.

The Adoption
A true story about the adoption process

The Adoption BBC


Support for birth parents/families

We also work with birth families, preparing them for the adoption of their child. We also help families to prepare later life information for the child.

Adopting a
step child

If you or your partner is a step parent, you may be concerned about the legal rights and responsibilities you have for the children in your family.

Adopting a child from overseas

Adopting a child from another country, it should be a country that you have links with, or knowledge of the culture, history and language.

Statement of purpose (September 2018)