Adoption Support

Our Adoption Support Team, provide a range of support services to all those affected by adoption, including adopted children, adoptive parents, birth parents and their families living in the Mid and West Wales region.

Support for adoptive parents

You’ll have the support and advice of a named Adoption Social Worker from the start of the process of assessment through to placement and beyond. If your adoptive child has additional needs, more support is available via an assessment of their extra needs. This may include training, counselling and advice.

Support if you were adopted

Many adopted people have questions about their history and want help to understand or to trace their birth family. If you were adopted you may be looking for advice and support.  Adoption Mid and West Wales has a Post Adoption Support service that can help you.

Support for birth parents/families

The Adoption team also works with birth families, preparing them for the adoption of their child. In addition, the team also provides advice for professionals and families on preparing later life information for the child.