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Truth be told: Adoption stories, Wales’ first adoption podcast from the National Adoption Service, follows the journey of 10 adopters with very different experiences brought together to share their stories with each other – from their first steps to adoption to post-adoption support.

Our Adopters and Children

S2, Episode 1 | Our adoption journey

How do you choose a child? Their age? Their ethnicity? Their story? With many children waiting, how do social workers ensure the right match is made? In this first of a new series, five parents from across Wales share stories about adopting children and introducing them to their forever home. In this episode, dad of two Rob explains how he felt guilty about wanting a young child and Clare and Gareth describe the joy and challenges of raising three blood siblings.

S2, Episode 2 | Keeping and creating connections

How do you manage contact with an adopted child’s birth family? And how do you create new sibling relationships within families? In this episode, our adoptive parents tell us their stories about the sometimes daunting process of communicating with birth families and managing children’s expectations. We hear how Gareth overcame his anger at the birth parents for his children’s benefit. And Rob describes the moment he and his husband brought two non-blood siblings into their family.

S2, Episode 3 | Love and Trauma

Can love conquer trauma? What exactly does trauma look like in an adopted child? And what help is out there? In this episode, we hear our adoptive parents’ day to day experiences of managing their children’s trauma. And we find out how adoption agencies prepare parents for what they may encounter. Mo describes how he helped his daughter feel settled at home and Abbey talks about the discomfort she feels when people ask her why her son was adopted.

S2, Episode 4 | A Helping Hand At School

What makes a good school for an adopted child? And how do you ask for the educational support your child is entitled to? In this episode we talk about the additional learning needs of many adopted children, and what support is available to help. We hear how Clare and Gareth have worked with the school to help their daughter through difficult issues and Rob explains how, as a dad and teacher, he benefits from the new Additional Learning Needs Code for Wales.

S2, Episode 5 | Everyone Can Adopt

How easy is it to adopt in a same sex couple? Or if you’re single? Or from a minority ethnic group? In this episode we discover how adoption is an option for everyone, and how you can help your child find their identity. Mo tells us how the Asian community still struggles with adoption and Abbey describes the support network around her as a single parent.

S2, Episode 6 | The Young People Takeover

Recommended reading List

  • ‘‘Preparing for adoption” by Julia Davies
  • ‘‘The unofficial guide to Adoptive parenting’’ by Sally Donovan
  • “The Adopter`s Handbook” by Amy Salter
  •  “Attachment, Trauma and Resilience” by Kate Cairns
  • “An Adoption Diary” by Maria James
  • “Talking about adoption to your adopted child” by Marjorie Morrison
  • “From fear to Love’’ by Bryan Post
  • “Parenting a child with emotional & behavioural difficulties” by Dan Hughes   (in Parenting Matters series)
  • “Adopted Children Speaking” by Caroline Thomas
  • “Adopters on Adoption: Reflections on parenthood and children” by David Howe
  • “Life Story Books for Adopted Children; a family friendly approach” by Joy Rees