LGBTQ+ Adoption

We welcome enquiries and applications from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender adopters.

In December 2002 the law changed which meant that whether you are heterosexual, lesbian or gay this is not a factor in your right to adopt.

At Adoption Mid & West Wales, we have a wealth of experience in assessing LGBTQ+ adopters and recognise the strengths and skills that you bring in meeting the needs of children waiting for families.


There has been encouraging research into parenting by lesbian and gay adopters. This has helped to dispel myths and increase Agencies confidence in placing children. A recent UK study shows, for instance that:

  • The quality of parent-child relationships is just the same when children are adopted by lesbian or gay couples compared to heterosexual couples.
  • Children’s psychological development and well-being is just the same when children are adopted by lesbian or gay couples compared to heterosexual couples.
  • Lesbian and gay adopters are more likely than heterosexual adopters to have come to adoption as their first choice.
  • Lesbian and gay adopters felt well equipped to help children deal with difference and that children would have advantages growing up of being tolerant of difference in others.
  • Adopted children of lesbian and gay parents don’t experience greater problems at school and in peer relationships compared to children of heterosexual parents and bullying and teasing is rare.

*research taken from First4Adoption website 2020

What about Transgender adopters?

Whilst Adoption Mid & Wales may not have experience of transgender people who wish to adopt, we would welcome enquires, and are prepared to learn.

LGBTQ+ Support

There are well established organisations that offer support groups and information for LGBTQ+ people who have adopted or are thinking of adopting.

New Family Social promotes the care and upbringing of children by LGBTQ+ adopters by allowing these families to socialise and share support in a safe environment.

It helps to create a wide pool of adopters by raising awareness and encouraging and supporting prospective adopters and carers, and by promoting their utilisation and fair treatment.

It also works to advance public awareness and acceptance of these families in the interest of the growing number of children being cared for by them.

Stonewall is the UK-wide lesbian, gay and bisexual charity, and provides information about all aspects of parenting including adoption.