Our winners for the ‘This is Me!’ Competition have been chosen. We received a wonderful variety of entries and our judging panel thoroughly enjoyed looking at each piece that was entered. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to all our winners.

Here are our winners’ entries and judges’ comments.

* Please note that personal information within our winning entries have been anonymised for confidentiality purpose.

Winner 1

What a beautiful picture of you and your brother side by side. I loved all the pretty colours you used. You did an excellent drawing –  very well done”

“The picture of the children on the climbing frame has lovely colours and details. Well done!”

“What a beautiful and colourful picture you’ve made. You have put a lot of thought and effort into this drawing, and I love the detail. Thank you for sharing with us”

Winner 2

“I loved watching your video – and meeting all you family , pet cats and snake 🙂 and seeing you in action on the trampoline and scooter. Keep up with all the good reading you are doing. Thank you very much for a wonderful snapshot all about you.”

“What great fun! A wonderful insight into who you are and about your life. I loved the creativity of your video and how original it is. It seems you (with the help of you sister) really enjoyed filming and creating this video as well as showing us all about you.”

“A very different approach to the theme, which I love. I like the uniqueness of your work and how you made it into a comic feature with the captions and sounds. It felt like I was watching a comedy film of your life in just a few short minutes. I can see you having a career in TV and film.”

Winner 3

“I loved watching your short film and learning about you. Your confidence shone through, and I really liked that you sang and danced to your favourite song. That was amazing. Well done!”

“Loved the different take to the topic. It was interesting to hear you speak about all the things that you like and hearing you sing your favourite song. The dance moves were great as well. I really enjoyed watching you video.”

“What a great short film with a great variety of things to watch and hear from talking about the things you like, to singing your favourite song and then adding in some dance moves as well. It was so great to see you sharing things about yourself. Well done!”