Understanding and Managing Triggers Therapeutically

12 November 2021
Zoom | 10am – 1pm

This course will look at the importance of understanding and managing triggers in both ourselves and the children we care for.

This course will:

  • Identify what triggers are and how they are grouped into universal and personal.
  • Identify what causes them and their impacts on us and others.
  • The physical reasons for them and how that impacts on our responses.
  • Speaking reactively vs empathically
  • What is conflict triggers universal / personal?
  • Identify our personal triggers and their impacts.
  • How to identify triggers in others and the possible physical impacts of these
  • How to maintain emotional equilibrium to minimize escalation.
  • Give practical strategies to manage both our own and others triggers Therapeutically.
  • Give empathic strategies to manage repair and reconciliation to improve the situation moving forward.