Non Violent Resistance Awareness

29 June 2021
Zoom | 6.30pm – 9pm

Trainer: Philippa Williams, Early Intervention and Support Manager for Adoption UK in Wales. 

Philippa is a qualified trainer, NVR practitioner and parent consultant for Adoption UK. 

Who’s it aimed at?

Adoptive parents, Special guardians, Long term foster carers, Friends and family members who wish to support key care givers and Social work professionals

What are the objectives?

By the end of this awareness raising workshop participants will:

  • Have an overview of the neuro/physiological issues that affect children’s behaviour
  • Have gained knowledge of a range of nonviolent resistance strategies
  • Understand the need to adapt their own behaviour so that they can influence that of their children
  • Understand the need to look after themselves in order to be able to respond appropriately to their children

How will it make a difference? 

This session is an introduction to a range of practical Non-Violent Resistance strategies.  This session provides information about what NVR is (and is not).  It will help parents, carers and practitioners decide whether Non-Violent Resistance would be beneficial in specific situations where child to parent violence (verbal and/or physical) is a regular occurrence.