Non Violent Resistance (6 session course)

25 March – 09 June 2021
Zoom | 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Day 1 – 25 March

Day 2 – 19 April

Day 3 – 5 May

Day 4 – 13 May

Day 5 – 26 May

Day 6 – 9 June 2021

Trainer: Philippa Williams, Adoption UK 

Who’s it aimed at? 

This six-session course is aimed at parents who are struggling with regular child to parent violence, verbal aggression, destruction of belongings or property, etc.  It will take place over six 3-hour sessions with time allowed between each session for reflection and practice of the strategies introduced.  Following the course, parents are invited to attend regular NVR support groups to build on their learning and support one another. Participants must commit to attend all 6 sessions.

What are the objectives? 

This practical course is delivered by a Partnership Projects accredited trainer which provides parents within depth knowledge of a range of Non-Violent Resistance strategies.  The trainer is also an adoptive parent who has personal experience of bringing up a child who used to express their needs and show their feelings through very challenging behaviour. There will be opportunities at each session to discuss using the strategies before introducing them at home. Feedback will be taken at the following session on whether the strategies have been helpful. The course will include an overview of the neuro/ physiological issues that affect children’s behaviour, and the trainer will link NVR to other interventions including PACE, Great Behaviour Breakdown, Theraplay and support for children with sensory issues, as appropriate.  Throughout the course there will be a focus on parents changing their behaviour and on the importance of parents looking after themselves in order to therapeutically parent their children.  Parents will be encouraged to act as “supporters” to one another. 

Previous courses participants have said: 

“The trainer is really welcoming and very skilled at bringing out everyone’s story and helping people find new ways of dealing with the challenges they face.” 

“We’re all in it for the long haul, and even when things are dreadful, they don’t stay that way all the time.” 

 “To be honest, the sharing of practical experiences between members is really important in making you feel that you are not alone in these circumstances as well as providing tips for dealing with challenging behaviours through NVR. As upsetting as it can be talking about difficult family circumstances – I found that sharing of experiences a valuable part of self-care for me personally.” 

 “Easy to access, on time and even managed a break in the middle, which was very welcome.” 

 “It was lovely to be able to feel “normal” and that I am not alone in my experiences.” 

“We have found the NVR very useful and can look forward to the strategies becoming a part of our lives without a second thought.”